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The Tec Solutions Member Discounts offer substantial cost savings on a variety of products and services.Your membership card unlocks the door to a wide range of savings and benefits. Whether it's Air Conditioners, Refrigerators or Kitchen products and services, you may get a huge discount.Have shopping for your own or for your family needs and make sure you keep your card with you at all times so you never miss an opportunity to get discounts & special offers.


Any member who shops for the first time will get a voucher code of flat 10 % discount for their second purchase. You just simply need to mention your membership code while placing an order to avail this offer. 


Membership provides the holder with access to exclusive member benefits and services including:


Image result for bullet points  icon More Discounts and offers

Image result for bullet points  icon Free Fast delivery

Image result for bullet points  icon Special member-only events and sale day



How to add membership code to your account :


Step 1: Go to settings from top left corner of a website.

Step 2: Select My Account.

Step 3: Add your membership code (see image).


Step 4: Update your details.


The membership code has been added to your account after completing these steps, you can see the working of the membership code at the time of payment. 





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You might have a question: What is a QR code and how do I use them? 
QR codes are similar to a barcode which can be ‘scanned’ through a smartphone or tablet camera and then perform multiple functions.The most common action performed with QR codes is to direct the user's smartphone or tablet device to a specific web address.




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