How do I cancel my order?

To raise a cancellation request, go to settings and select 'My order' from the top left corner of a website, click on 'Cancel order' against the order that you wish to cancel and your order will be canceled.Please note that you can only cancel your order within 24 hours, once the order is placed you won't be able to add or remove a product to/from your order.



How do I get to know whether my order is cancelled or not?

You can see your order status on order history page and Once your order is cancelled, you will also get a notification from our side via E-mail.



Why has my product been cancelled?

We apologize for the inconvenience you had to face. If your product has been cancelled from our side, it may be because of technial issue or an operational issue from the vendor's end or it may be you accidently click canel order button.



How do I get my refund if I raise a cancellation request and it’s a prepaid order?

No need to worry about your refund.You will receive your refund in your bank account within 7 days from the date of cancellation of order {7 days as per company's TAT}.And if in case your order is already shipped from our side in that case once the shipment is returned to us, then you get your refund.


Please note: You can only get the refund if you raise a cancellation request within 24 hours of placing an order.



What are the cancellation timelines?

You can raise a cancellation request within 24 hours of placing an order and meanwhile if your shipment is shipped in that case we will try not to deliver your order and if you receive the shipment at your delivery address then we request you to deny the acceptance of your shipment.



How can I cancel one/few products from my order?

You can cancel one/few items from your order by clicking on “My Orders” from the top left corner of a website and then select the item(s) you want to cancel.





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