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iQ500 Siemens Built-In refrigerator -- A premium quality product

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Brand: Siemens

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A premium bottom freezer refrigerator with hyperfresh plus to ensure your vegetables and fruits last longer

  • Anti Condensation Technology: prevents build up of moisture, suitable for high humidity regions
  • Hyperfresh Plus: keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 2 times longer.
  • Varioshelf: makes loading easier and gives a better view of your food items.
  • Energy efficiency: works efficiently for better energy consumption
  • Big Box: large capacity freezer storage of frozen food of different sizes


General Data


  • Gross Capacity (Total): 276 L
  • Net Capacity (Total): 271L
  • Net Capacity (Fridge): 210L
  • Net Capacity (Freezer): 61L
  • Appliance Height: 1,772 mm
    Appliance Width: 558 mm
    Appliance Depth: 545 mm
  • Net Weight: 71.1 kg


Cooling System


  • Automatic defrost cooling system
  • Power ventilation for uniform air circulation
  • Supercooling - Automatically brings down the temperature of the refrigerator to cool new groceries rapidly.
  • Superfreezing - Automatically brings down the temperature of the freezer to keep cool new items rapidly.


Convenience & Safety


  • Electronic controls make easier to set temperature and features of your refrigerator
  • Separate temperature controls for Fridge and Freezer
  • LED illumination in fridge


Fridge Compartment


  • 1 hyperFresh plus box keeps food fresh for up to twice as long
  • 5 Safety glass shelves
  • 1 door trays (large)
    3 door trays (small)
  • 1 Dairy compartment


Freezer Compartment


  • 2 pull out drawers, incl. 1 Big Box for large size storing
  • Freezing capacity: 5 kg/ 24 h




  • 2 x cold accumulator(s)
    2 x egg tray(s)
    1 x ice cube tray(s)

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